online games – a quick start guide

There are so many different online games it is hard to make a decision about which one to play. There is only so much free time in a day. Online games are grouped by genre and the age of the players. There are some games such as those with graphic violence that children should not play. Educational games including memory and puzzles are recommended for young players.

There is a mixture of games for a general audience including chess, cards, and other strategy games. There are some shooting games for older players. Madness Death Wish is a shooting game that has great graphics but is only for adults or older teenagers. There are also some games on cartoon network and other sites that are for an older audience.

Madness Death Wish is a simulation of what happens when a player is facing five enemies with one weapon. The ways the moves are programs can make this game funny at times. You can shoot your enemies behind you without having to look at them. The game in fun but the main character usually ends up dying. Even though there is a lot of blood the games offers some great simulations such as a player being ripped apart.

Puzzle Bubble is a tamer game that is similar to Tetris. There are some differences between the games. Instead of worry about different shapes you can line up bubbles of the same color and get rid of a row or a group at a time. As a player advances the speed of the bubbles being dropped does get faster. If you are not able to get rid of the bubbles in a certain amount of time they you lose the game. This is a great game if you are a Tetris or Pacman fan. This game for all age groups.